HIHI secured ViClarity its first clinical study in a public Irish hospital. The company has leveraged the study both domestically and internationally when making the ViClarity pitch.  It has secured a high profile client base with healthcare companies such as Mowlam, MHA and most recently the NHS began using its technology solution.

ViClarity has a software tool that monitors compliance with Regulatory Standards. It was originally designed for the Financial Services Industry. In late 2016, ViClarity engaged with HIHI to define a pilot study in the Community Hospital Killarney. The study was driven by their desire to improve on the current manual auditing and compliance measurements within the hospital, overloaded by HIQA standards paperwork.

Study results:

  • Paper based auditing system – computer based results.
  • Time consuming – 124 hours saved annually.
  • Lag in delivery of results – instant results.
  • Poor visibility on compliance status – immediate visibility to all.
  • Poor ownership of audit responsibilities – each audit item is owned and stamped.