Millions of people worldwide have venous leg ulcers (VLUs). Compression is a proven therapy for VLUs, however if it is applied too loose, it is ineffective, and if it is too tight, it is dangerous. Yet studies have shown that it can be extremely difficult for experienced healthcare professionals to achieve a targeted pressure with existing products.

The Solution from FeelTect
Galway-based wound care company, FeelTect, have developed a prototype of Tight Alright, a pressure sensing, connected-health device for measuring and monitoring sub-bandage pressure during compression therapy. Tight Alright aims to improve the application and maintenance of evidence-based therapy, ensuring safety while reducing healing times. Founder and CEO, Dr Andrew Cameron, engaged HIHI to conduct a user feedback and validation study. The study involving relevant healthcare professionals verified the clinical need for a pressure sensing device to enable correct application of bandages for venous leg ulcers.

Where to next
FeelTect, founded by BioInnovate fellow Andrew Cameron, have been awarded €50,000 from EIT Health Headstart. This funding will allow FeelTect to progress the miniaturisation of Tight Alright to a truly wearable product, making it the first device capable of continuously monitoring compression therapy outside the clinical setting. FeelTect was accepted onto the NDRC (National Digital Research Centre) Accelerator programme and was also awarded Most Cost Effective Product at IMSTA MedTech 2019 Awards. FeelTect plans to enter the market in first quarter of 2022.