Innovation Accelerators

The Knowledge Network offers bespoke programmes and workshops to upskill and positively impact the healthcare innovation environment, designed to accelerate skills development and system change.


HIHI runs regular webinars to share HIHI’s unique knowledge network and provide up to the minute developments from the innovation community. Each month we will focus on different topics relevant to the innovation sector with advice from internal and external guest speakers drawn from industry, healthcare and academia and SME’s.

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Short courses

HIHI is creating a sustainable culture of healthcare innovation across the Irish health landscape. We want to reach everybody, build creative confidence, empower problem-solvers and convert thinking into action. We run, partner and recommend a number of workshops designed to support industry innovators and accelerate innovation in the Irish health system.

1. Tangent six month certificate in healthcare innovation

Are you interested in exploring healthcare  innovation? Would you like to start to incorporate  an innovative approach to your work in healthcare? This certificate is the start that you may need. Developed by Tangent, Trinity’s Ideas Workspace in collaboration with the School of Medicine and supported by Health Innovation Hub Ireland. Students develop entrepreneurial skills that can be applied across multiple aspects of healthcare innovation, from products and services to processes and systems. On completing the course, you will be empowered to investigate a diverse range of innovation-related topics and act on opportunities in a variety of healthcare contexts.

Delivered through Trinity’s Virtual Learning environment, this course supports flexibility in learning opportunities. Strong focus is placed on experiential and action-focused learning on the programme, which is taught via a combination of masterclasses, workshops and project-based learning. A part-time course run over 24 weeks with teaching two evenings a week, students are given the opportunity to develop new skills while continuing employment. Funded under the Government’s HEA Springboard+ programme, the course is free to eligible candidates.

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2. Project Aladdin

Additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing, is a disruptive technology with a promising potential in the health sector. ALADDIN is an ERASMUS + project that brings together six European organisations developing an innovative training programme on additive manufacturing in hospitals, targeting not only health professional working in hospitals, such as doctors, surgeons, and biotechnologists, but also engineering students with a future in the health sector. ALADDIN developed a training methodology, a teaching guide, training contents customised for each target group and an e-Learning platform delivered by partners across markets, with HIHI delivering in Ireland.

The ALADDIN programme’s modules teach participants about AM, applications of the technology, and the requirements to create 3D parts successfully

  • Technology, materials and equipment • Opportunities for the application of AM in the health sector • Producing 3D parts/ models • Technologies for future AM Labs

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