We are an open door for staff from all parts of the health service that have ideas for new services or solutions to problems they have encountered in their work.

When you come to us

Health Innovation Hub Ireland has huge potential for improving healthcare and outcomes for patients, as well as for Ireland’s health tech sector. Ultimately HIHI can greatly benefit patient care.

We assess all concepts for healthcare innovation from those on the frontline – from clinician to porter. We encourage healthcare professionals to get in touch with HIHI if they have an idea or solution to how something in your job might work better.

It might be an issue local to one healthcare setting or it might be the next big medical advance. We provide support to pursue a project from concept, to pilot, to implementation phase. We consider the practical application of each idea in a real world context – assisting with due diligence, IP requirements. We undertake tech assessment, evaluation, and assess potential market size.

Though HIHI we can help you to identify risks early and recommend a framework to progress each project. HIHI acts as a mentor to healthcare professionals, from funding applications to industry partnerships.

The healthcare community can engage with HIHI throughout the year as we have an open door policy or you can access HIHI through our dedicated healthcare annual call (Live in Q3 2018). The principal difference with the call is that at stage two, successful applicants are invited to a rigorous competitive pitch process, with representatives from Enterprise Ireland, IDA, Science Foundation Ireland, Health Research Board, HSE and other influencers that they would not ordinarily have direct access to.

For enquiries email:

When we come to you

In our direct offer to industry, HIHI acts as a broker, matching companies with relevant clinical teams, overseeing a study of each product in an Irish clinical setting. If we approach you to become involved in a study we want to reassure you that our service provides a robust management process through which companies’ engage with the health system. Once we have matched a suitable clinical team with an industry partner and both wish to pursue a study or pilot, we draw up a project scope. This Project Agreement, which both parties agree, covers objectives, requirements, responsibilities and timeframe, which we oversee and manage throughout the study or pilot.