The HIHI study gave TickerFit concrete evidence that her product allowed HCPs to effectively prescribe and monitor lifestyle intervention using the web based application and passive monitoring using smartphone or wearable devices. TickerFit now had a strong evidence base for commercialisation.

A physio by trade, Avril Copeland noticed the advent and value of personalised care in health. Avril developed a unique cloud based application enabling HCPs to provide personalised lifestyle interventions to patients based on their current health status. Avril initially saw her product working well in a primary care setting and in 2015 she applied to the HIHI open call. HIHI and Avril worked with Living Heath in Mitchelstown and organised randomised studies.

Study results:

TickerFit proved to a successful product with the HIHI patient cohort. The study also showed that to commercialise the product TickerFit would need to pitch at a niche market. The company positioned the product in the secondary prevention market and now TickerFit is primarily used in cardiac rehab.