Combimark– Aisling Snow, Radiologist, Fiona Snow, Designer. Aisling spotted a problem in her work-space and together with her sister Fiona designed the solution. They are Enterprise Ireland funded and running studies across all HIHI hubs before bringing their product market.

Product: Disposable markers (letters ‘L’ ‘R’) for xray – no metal, no plastic. Use single letters per patient, addresses infection control/cross contamination.

How HIHI is helping: Prior to going to market Combimark need to test their product design features and usability. HIHI is running four studies with Combimark, using our national network across Irish hospitals. Radiologists and Radiographers will use the new markers and feed back through a two study phase.  Combimark will modify the product following Phase 1 and a follow up study will gather feedback for any final modifications.

This study is currently ongoing.