Health Innovations 2020

Health Innovation Hub Ireland is pleased to announce the 2020 winners of the call for innovative ideas from companies, start-ups and SMEs.

The call which involved a nationwide health innovation competition is directed at companies who have an innovative product, solution or service that are at pre-commercial or late development phase with the potential to significantly impact Irish healthcare

HIHI also launched a focussed call for solutions for the prevention, early diagnosis and self-management of chronic illness including cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease and diabetes.

48 cutting edge innovators competed for the opportunity to avail of the unique HIHI innovation pathway for companies seeking pilot or validation studies. Acting as a broker the HIHI matches companies with relevant clinical teams, oversees a study of each product in an Irish clinical setting, and delivers an outcome report which going forward, supports the adoption of products in national and international markets, enhances distribution opportunities and assists in the continued development for those companies.

Winners HIHI Health Innovations 2020 are:

FeelTect Limited
Focussed Call

Functionality and usability validation of a wearable, connected-health device for measuring and monitoring sub-bandage pressure during compression therapy of venous leg ulcers, within community/homecare settings. - Read more »

Stratos Medical
Open Call

TrackSave™ repeated access hemodialysis cannula: For improving arteriovenous fistula lifespan and home dialysis. - Read more »

Lynch’s Pharmacy
Focussed Call

DI@DEM Diabetes Management Service - Read more »

Open Call

MedChat – “Digital First” communication in Healthcare - Read more »

Open Call

Leveraging Online Scheduling to improve Patient Convenience and Reduce DNAs. - Read more »

Hygiene Audits
Open Call

Nursing Home software solution for infection prevention and control management. - Read more »

NUA Surgical
Open Call

SteriCISION™ is a novel intra-operative device to make caesarean sections (C-Sections) a safer, simpler and superior surgery. - Read more »

My Gut Solution Ltd
Open Call

We offer the digital delivery of dietetic and psychological services for the management of irritable bowel syndrome. Our services are convenient, easy to use and are supported by a real dietitian. - Read more »

Open Call

Better monitor patient activity and falls through use of technology - Read more »

Open Call

PacSana-Using comprehensive movement and sensor data to gather and respond to critical care insights. - Read more »

Open Call

Diona provides innovative systems of engagement solutions to government Health and Human Services, Social Care, and Social Security agencies. - Read more »

Focussed Call

Wellola delivers secure patient-portal solutions at scale, acting as a key enabler in the sharing of clinical data seamlessly between clinicians and their patients, to increase self-management and support remote care delivery. - Read more »

Bluedrop Medical
Focussed Call

Thermovisual monitoring for the improved management of diabetic foot disease - Read more »

Plexa Medical
Focussed Call

PLEXA - Personalising Out Patient Department (OPD) virtual medicine for chronic disease networks - Read more »

Open Call

Point of care Mass Spectroscopy Ambient Ionization system to differentiate benign and malignant breast tissues in sequestered core biopsy samples as part of a quadruple assessment protocol. - Read more »