HIHI Health Innovation

Winner 2020 - DiOpsy

DiOpsy Ltd an Irish company supporting research and development in Ireland. DiOpsy is in active collaboration with NMSF Swansea and Tyndall Institute UCC. Using mass spectrometry (MS) analysis we can differentiate between cancerous and healthy tissue in under 1 minute.

MS has been used for in-depth analysis for over 100 years but recent scientific advances in ambient ionisation have made it possible for tissue preparation and presentation to be done in a format that does not destroy biopsy sample. Thus preserving the tissue sample for further laboratory testing.

DiOpsy makes it possible for a patient to receive their cancer / not cancer result on the same day that the biopsy is taken. This removes the anxious wait of up to 2 weeks which is a very distressing time for patients regardless of the outcome.
Mark O'Driscoll
Point of care Mass Spectroscopy Ambient Ionization system to differentiate benign and malignant breast tissues in sequestered core biopsy samples as part of a quadruple assessment protocol.