HIHI Health Innovation

Winner 2020 - Wellola

At Wellola, we believe that only the sickest of the sick should be hospitalised. We offer healthcare professionals secure digital communication tools to care for & communicate with their patients, supporting their patients in the community setting where possible.

Wellola's patient portal reduces healthcare costs in multiple ways (less postage and no shows, increased remote patient monitoring & care delivery, self-management of care).

Stand alone or fully interoperable (FHIR HL7 API or RPA), Wellola is white labelled to our customers' needs (online and app based); it handles real-time scheduling for in-person and telecare, ongoing correspondence, patient and family education and data tracking, resulting in substantial savings for that clinic or hospital and an improved healthcare experience for the patient.
Sonia Neary
Wellola delivers secure patient-portal solutions at scale, acting as a key enabler in the sharing of clinical data seamlessly between clinicians and their patients, to increase self-management and support remote care delivery.