HIHI Health Innovation

Winner 2020 - Stratos Medical

With the patent-pending TrackSave™ device, hemodialysis cannula placement in an Arteriovenous fistula need only be performed in-clinic once per week instead of three times per week. The significance of this is that Hemodialysis can more readily be done at home, and overnight, saving enormous healthcare costs and freeing up valuable productive time for patients. AV-Fistula lifespan is substantially extended, saving massive costs on fistula maintenance. Also, because AV-Fistulas are the predominant mode of vascular access for hemodialysis, health specialists have a means to keep the majority of dialysis patients on long-term hemodialysis. Lastly, the majority of needling events can be done atraumatically and are completely painless.
Des Regan
TrackSave™ repeated access hemodialysis cannula: For improving arteriovenous fistula lifespan and home dialysis.