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Vox-AI amongst winners of HIHI’s FemTech Innovation Call with an AI driven tool centred on menopause management

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Vox-AI is an AI-driven platform that uses advanced Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) technology, complemented by multilingual spoken word bots and avatars.

MenoMate is a chatbot centred on menopause management and is trained on data from medical and psychology websites. MenoMate provides reliable answers to questions on menopause based on information from trusted sources. It is currently available in nine languages. The platform’s versatile design allows for applications across various women’s health areas, including mental health, fertility care, pregnancy, contraception and abortion care. MenoMate is available online.

In advance of International Women’s Health Week – Meet one of the winners of HIHI’s FemTech Innovation Call indentifyHer

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identifyHer Ltd is a femtech company focussed on detecting and tracking menopausal symptoms.

The identifyHer platform is a wearable biosensor to detect and track menopausal symptoms with an accompanying application to present data. The device can be used by women to understand the symptoms they experience and for clinicians, it provides objective symptom data that can be used as a decision support tool in the diagnosis of perimenopause. The wearable device has a combination of sensors that measure physiological changes in conjunction with a data analytics platform to transform the vital sign data into the frequency and severity of vasomotor (hot flushes, night sweats) and behavioural (anxiety, sleep disturbance) perimenopausal symptoms. IdentifyHer is preparing for market launch in the 3rd quarter of 2024.

Dr Tanya Mulcahy Director of HIHI and Founder of Femtech Ireland to speak at the upcoming National Menopause Summit – Advocating for change

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HIHI are delighted to announce that Dr Tanya Mulcahy will speak again this year at the National Menopause Summit. The event takes place on the 11th and 12th April 2024 at the Aviva Stadium.

Dr. Mulcahy joins an impressive line up of speakers this year and will focus on The Femtech revolution: delivering innovation in menopause. Dr. Michael Twomey, Senior Clinical Research Manager and Clinical Evaluation Lead at Health Innovation Hub Ireland will also join the discussion. The event will be again moderated by Grainne Seoige and Mariella Frostrup will also take to the stage.

The event organisers of the summit highlight  that “The 2024 National Menopause Summit will continue to advocate for a new norm across the Irish workplace through the empowerment and education of Irish organisations on the introduction of inclusive, compassionate and sympathetic workplace policies to ensure all feel supported to forge forward in their careers at this oftentimes highly challenging and transitional stage of life”.

To find out more about the full line up of speakers and the event details log on to National Menopause Summit – Advocating for Change

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The Menopause Hub among the winning companies of HIHI’s FemTech Innovation competition

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The Menopause Hub App will allow women to track their menopause and perimenopause symptoms prior and post treatment and to book appointments. It will provide medication and appointment reminders and has a range of educational resources. Clinicians will be able to view their patients’ menopause and perimenopause symptoms, patient care pathway, outcomes post treatment and medication compliance. The app could also be used in data collection for clinical audit and research. The app will be available free to patients of The Menopause Hub in early 2024 in the first instance. The Menopause Hub app will be offered on a commercial basis to GPs and healthcare providers in Ireland and internationally subsequently



The Menopause Hub

Meet Aurin another winning company from HIHI’s FemTech Innovation competition that aims to relieve the symptoms of menopause

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The AURIN platform is a femtech innovation for the treatment of menopausal vasomotor symptoms (hot flushes and night sweats). AURIN comes from a team of researchers from University of Galway and University College Dublin funded by an Enterprise Ireland Commercialisation Fund which is developing a medical device to alleviate severe menopause symptoms.

Read more here


Meet HIHI’s FemTech Innovation Call winners. Spotlighting OnaWave Medical with a product Endosolve set to be a gamechanger for the diagnosis and treatment of pelvic conditions

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Congratulations to OnaWave Medical on being one of the 11 winning companies emerging from HIHI’s first Femtech Innovation Call competition. A medtech company, it focusses on improving the diagnosis and treatment of pelvic conditions.

About the product – EndoSolve provides a digital biomarker-based risk-stratification platform with associated wearable solutions that can identify patients with pelvic conditions, such as endometriosis and subfertility, to support clinical decision-making and enhance the delivery of personalised care for the individual. The EndoSolve technology is patent pending. OnaWave Medical is developing this technology with support from the European Innovation Council.

OnaWave Medical

Meet HIHI’s FemTech Innovation Call winners – Spotlighting AVeta Medical a product set to revolutionise the treatment of vaginal atrophy

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Meet one of the winners of HIHI’s recent FemTech Innovation Call competition. Today we are spotlighting AVeta Medical a fetmtech medical device company that aims to revolutionise the treatment of vaginal atrophy.

The VITA AV product is a hormone free, safe, targeted therapy to treat the symptoms of genitourinary syndrome of the menopause (GSM). The technology has been patented.

Learn more about the product here AVeta Medical – Health Innovation Hub Ireland (