HIHI Monthly Tender Watch – May

Blog | Posted on: 30 May, 2024

Welcome to ‘HIHI Tender Watch’. This is a brief monthly update on live relevant* tenders for innovative products in Irish healthcare, a reminder of those closing soon and relevant Dynamic Purchasing Systems (DPS – always open to new vendors once criteria is met).

‘HIHI Tender Watch’ is intended as a sign-post service for HIHI clients and includes brief tender request details, contracting body, deadline, link to relevant tender docs. If you would like HIHI to feature your tender or you notice we have missed one, please send through details to


  1. Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) for the supply of Urology and Ostomy products. DPS CA UNIQUE ID: 24023/18296

This DPS has been prepared for the purpose of providing information to economic operators interested in participating in a public procurement process for the establishment of a Dynamic Purchasing System for the supply, where relevant of Urology and Ostomy products.

Evaluation mechanism: Best Price-Quality Ratio.

Closing soon:

  1. Provision of an ICT solution for Home Support ServiceCase Management e rostering and National Nursing Homes Support Scheme and Statutory Home Support.

HSE, 27/06/2024,

Ongoing: Invitation to Dynamic Purchasing Systems (DPS):

  1. Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) Invitation for the supply of Medical GlovesHSE Ref 18297/23647.

HSE, n/a – DPS,

  1. Provision of an e-rostering System. The system(s) procured will be used as tactical day to day tools to record staff attendance, relate staff attendance to remuneration, report on compliance with labour law, create and manage staff rosters and strategically to align rosters with service demands. A priority is to ensure application of time recording and e-rostering to staff with particular regard to recording and managing compliance with HSE work practices, EWTD, associated labour law requirements and integration with payroll strategic and national systems such as HR and Payroll.

(This DPS replaces the version advertised on the old etenders platform, HSE 14807, ID reference 240390. Eligibility Criteria in the ESPD Document will be used for assessing candidates against the Exclusion Criteria. Candidates will be evaluated against Selection Criteria as indicated in the Expression of Interest documentation.)

HSE, n/a DPS,

  1. Dynamic Purchasing System for Personal Protective Equipment for Regular Demand. This DPS Invitation has been prepared for the purpose of providing information to Applicants interested in participating in a public procurement process for the establishment of a Dynamic Purchasing System for the supply of PPE for Regular Demand on behalf of the HSE (hereafter the “DPS Regular Demand”). Regular Demand means the regular forecastable weekly demand for PPE across the HSE.

HSE, n/a DPS, limited info on link:

  1. Request to Participate (“RTP”) in a DPS for the provision of Unified Cyber Incident Response service. The HSE is the Contracting Authority for this public procurement competition on its own behalf and on behalf of all organisations funded by the HSE. On 14 May 2021, the HSE was subjected to a serious criminal cyberattack (the “Incident”), through the infiltration of IT systems using Conti Ransomware. Over 80 percent of IT infrastructure impacted leading to unavailability of key patient information and diagnostics. To rapidly enhance the security operations and strengthen the cyber defence posture post the Incident, a number of security services were stood up on an emergency basis. HSE are now in the journey towards standardising these capabilities and associated services. The Post Incident Review (PIR) that was carried out following the incident has highlighted the need for integrating existing siloed incident response processes into a unified cyber incident response capability. The vision of this service is to effectively and consistently have the capability to unify the cyber incident response across multiple HSE organisational constructs.

HSE, n/a DPS,


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*Please be aware that the tenders highlighted herein are not exhaustive and are at the discretion of  the HIHI team. We recommend all clients follow relevant CPV codes and visit etenders regularly.