TickerFit Trial close to the Finish Line!

News | Posted on: 30 May, 2016

TickerFit is a unique cloud based solution that empowers health professionals to prescribe and deliver personalised physical activity programmes for patients, for the prevention and treatment of chronic disease. Incorporating the latest evidence on physical activity and behaviour change/ adoption, TickerFit unlocks the potential of physical activity as a prevention and treatment of chronic disease. Using the system, health professionals can safely deliver an evidence based, personalised physical activity programme to each patient in a few simple steps. Using the smartphone technology, the patient can passively track their activity, monitor their progress and access features designed to promote physical activity and healthy behaviours.

HIH Project Objective

To engage GPs and patients and conduct a pilot trial of Ticketfit on eighty community dwelling sedentary adults over a defined period. To assess feedback conduct a statistical analysis of benefit and provide a reference site for the product.

Project Summary

A protocol was developed and submitted for ethics approval. The product was presented to the clinical team in Mitchelstown Primary Care Centre, Cork. A briefing document was circulated to all the practice GPs and patients were invited to attend a clinic on designated days. Patients were enrolled and trained on how to use the technology. Their activity was tracked and monitored and data was collected. The number of patients enrolled at the Mitchelstown location was lower than required for the trial, therefore, the HIH engaged two additional locations- one in Wexford and one through the Department of General Practice, UCC to continue the trial. This is currently underway, patients have been enrolled and monitoring is being performed.

Once all the data is collected, a statistical assessment will be conducted and a final report generated. This may be used by the company for sales and marketing, the company will now have two reference sites.

 Clinical Location and Team

Mitchelstown Primary Care Centre, Dr John Cox, Fethard-on-Sea, Wexford and Dr Henry Smithson, Department of general Practice, UCC and GP Practice, Knocknaheeny, Cork.

Project Status

The enrollment and collection of data from patients at Mitchelstown Primary care centre is now complete. Recruitment of patients at two additional locations is progressing and initial assessment is underway. A final report will be produced once all analyses are complete.