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TickerFit™ is a unique cloud based application which empowers health professionals, enabling them to provide personalised lifestyle interventions for each patient, based on their current health status. For the first time, health professionals can now easily prescribe and monitor lifestyle interventions using an easy to use web based application and passive monitoring using smartphone or wearable devices. Results are tracked in realtime using web based technologies so improved outcomes may easily be measured and analysed. The benefits of lifestyle interventions are now widely accepted and now, are easily delivered. TickerFitEndFragment is a unique personalised programme delivered using un-intrusive mobile and web based technologies.


TickerFit™ and the Health Innovation Hub

TickerFit through the Health Innovation Hub are conducting a study. The aim of the study is to assess the effectiveness of the intervention in improving the patient’s minutes of activity, steps and physiological markers and to assess the acceptability and usability for the health professional. This multi-centre study is in the recruitment phase with recruitment expected to be completed in the near future