Electronic Prescription Trial in Mallow- data collection now complete

News | Posted on: 18 May, 2016

HIHI with McLernon’s Software and Complete GP are and trialling an Electronic Prescription System that uses barcodes printed on the prescription to populate the pharmacy software when scanned on site using a barcode reader.
The current practice of creating a prescription within a GP Practice Management System and printing either to a laser or dot matrix printer has always lead to the potential for error when being transcribed into a pharmacy system due to legibility or human error. This puts the patient at greater risk; however it’s possible to reduce potential errors through the introduction of Electronic Prescription Services (EPS). This enables the prescription to be transferred electronically from GP surgeries to a Pharmacy Computerised System. As there is a legal requirement for a paper-based prescription, the paper prescription will be maintained as the primary document during the course of this study. All other relevant legislation will also be adhered to.

HIH Project Objective
To introduce and roll-out a pilot operation and assessment of a barcode enabled Electronic Prescription Process to Pharmacies in the Mallow catchment area. The project will include Pharmacies using McLernon’s Software and also those who do not use McLernon’s software.

Project Summary
Introduction of Electronic Prescription Service to pharmacies within a 5 mile radius of the Mallow region. All pharmacies in this region were invited to participate. All GPs in this geographic region were informed of the project.

The project was conducted in stages.
Stage 1 – Proof of concept that the bar code on the paper prescription could be used to pull the relevant data into the pharmacy computer system.
Stage 2 – Advance notification to GPs and Pharmacies of the pilot.
Stage3 – GP and Pharmacy feedback
Stage 4- evaluation of data and completion final report

Clinical Location and Team
All Pharmacies within a 5-mile radius of Mallow Town were invited to participate, the following agreed:
Mulcahy’s Pharmacy Main St
Mallow Community Pharmacy
O’Sullivan’s Pharmacy
Doneraile Pharmacy
Boots Pharmacy
Mallow Late Night Pharmacy
Townview Pharmacy
Weedle Pharmacy
Joyce’s Pharmacy

Project Status
The pilot operation is complete. Surveys have been collected and data is currently under review.
Meetings and surveys with participating pharmacies provided valuable feedback.
A report is being completed- this will provide an independent review of the operation of a barcode enabled EPS.