Success, as HIHI kicks off workshop delivery with ‘Re-Thinking Healthcare Innovation’, in St James

News | Posted on: 26 November, 2018
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On Thursday November 22, Health Innovation Hub Ireland’s Dublin office welcomed its first cohort to the HIHI Innovation Workshops. 19 attended on the day, with a participant mix across regions – Dublin, Cork, Mayo, hospital groups, clinical and administrative, junior and senior.

The workshop, which took place in St James, is part of a connected series of five ‘Innovation Workshop’s run by Health Innovation Hub Ireland. These one-day workshops have been developed to build participants insights into the latest thinking on practical implementation of new processes ideas, new product ideas, and creative approaches to re-thinking healthcare from within.

The five core workshops as a continuum, will guide and encourage participants to explore the potential for innovative approaches within their own healthcare environment. The only requirement for entry is that participants are a HSE or voluntary hospital employee.

If you are interested in hearing more and being kept up to date with opportunities to sign up, please email –