Read HIHI’s latest clinical evaluation study with MedyTrak, an mHealth remote symptom tracker

| Posted on: 25 July, 2023

This July, HIHI is spotlighting our latest clinical evaluation study with MedyTrak, an mhealth remote symptom tracker designed to collect patient data between face to face consultations with healthcare providers. MedyTrak provides valuable real time data regarding a patient’s condition and allows the practitioner to obtain specific feedback leading to a more informed in-clinic consultation. An internet browsing service is facilitated by an NFC enabled card and the patient can upload photos and videos which leads to more informed treatment plans.

Read the full clinical evaluation study here

MedyTrak aimed to explore the benefits and barriers to their platform and the procurement process.  A clinical evaluation is a key stage that allows feedback from end-users that can inform product application, market approach and offers the company to build a cohort of clinical champions and supports.  HIHI facilitated Medytrak by connecting the company with four clinical experts of orthopaedics and musculoskeletal medicine from the Mater Hospital, Cappagh Hospital, St. James’s Hospital and the Beacon Hospital. The feedback proved invaluable for MedyTrak.

Company Founder Tom O’ Connor explained the invaluable role of HIHI.

“The support we have received from HIHI has been invaluable. As a start-up company it can be difficult to navigate a route to experts and indeed to market, particularly in a relatively new industry such as mobile health(mHealth) technology. Through HIHI we gained access to clinical experts who shared significant insights into the challenges currently facing patients, healthcare professionals and the health system. This in turn brought clarity to the benefits MedyTrak, (mHealth remote symptom tracker and monitor accessible via a dashboard), can bring in terms of improving patient outcomes, refining clinician workflows and in
potentially providing cost savings to the health system.

These insights have helped to shape our strategy and have encouraged and motivated us to ensure we make every effort going forward to integrate this technology into treatment pathways. Industry experts believe that by 2030 mHealth technologies will have become firmly embedded within clinical practice and within standard treatment protocols for most diseases and conditions and will be widely used in prevention care. On behalf of the medytrak team, I would like to extend our sincere thanks and appreciation to HIHI, our journey would have been much more complex and time-consuming without your support”.