Our ‘Healthcare Innovation Ambassador’ workshops continue apace, with Workshop 3 – ‘Process Innovation’

News | Posted on: 28 November, 2019

Health Innovation Hub Ireland today welcomed back our excellent ‘Innovation Workshops’ cohort from across the country for HIHI Workshop 3 – ‘Process Innovation in Healthcare’, in the TCD Institute of Population Health, Tallaght.

This third workshop in the series is a hands on workshop introducing participants to the practicalities of ‘Process Innovation’ and illustrating how complex problems may be approached through innovative process flow mapping.

The critical learning outcome from this third workshop is for participants to explore and engage with “lean thinking” and “process mapping” methodologies in a group environment. Participants will learn how to approach healthcare challenges through creativity in process design and to combine their knowledge and experience to drive and accelerate improvements in how healthcare is delivered.

The action outcome of workshop 3 is that participants are prepared to explore and engage directly on their own process innovation ideas and begin planning pathways for their ideas leading towards inventive, innovative, concrete, and measurable improvements projects in healthcare.

This HIHI workshop series is purpose-designed for those working in the Irish healthcare settings. HIHI workshops are free to attend, with the only stipulation being you must currently be a HSE employee, or working in Irish primary care or voluntary hospital setting. The five workshops guide and encourage participants to explore the potential for innovative approaches within their own healthcare environment. The programme is delivered as a continuum and attendees must have completed Workshop 1 to progress with the remaining four.

If you are interested in hearing more and keeping up to date with opportunities for 2020 please email – Eimear Galvin, Manager HIHI TCD –