New academic year, new HIHI Postgrad cohort, new ways of teaching – welcome innovation class of 2020/21

News | Posted on: 6 October, 2020

Health Innovation Hub Ireland and TCD welcomed the 2020/21 Postgraduate Diploma in Healthcare Innovation (Level 9 NFQ) class on Friday 2 and Saturday 3. As with the inaugural year, students come from a wide range of healthcare backgrounds that will fortify the national network of healthcare innovators created by last years 2019/20 class.

Module one kicked off with a remote welcome from Course Director Prof Seamas Donnelly, Course Tutor Dan Maher and 2019/20 student Caitriona Heffernan, Senior Speech and Language Therapist, in the new home of the postgrad in Tangent on the TCD campus, though for now students are tuning in online.  HIHI National Director Colman Casey also spoke with the class offering a wide breath of knowledge of the innovation landscape in Ireland.

Guest speakers for Module One were Prof Brian Caulfield, leader of UCD’s connected health programme and Director of INSIGHT, and Conor Hanley, CEO of Irish scuccess story FIRE1, whose novel remote monitoring solution to improve outcomes for heart failure patients has raised millions in investor funding.

The first module in the Postgraduate Diploma in Healthcare Innovation examines the complex and rapidly changing world of global healthcare. A core focus is the dynamics of the quadruple helix (Government, Academia, Industry, Citizen/Patient) exploring the impact of disruptive innovation across each strand. The module takes this informed view of the present status of healthcare and begins exploring future innovations and directional trends.

More information on the HIHI/TCD Postgraduate Diploma in Healthcare Innovation can be found here or email Nina Holmes,