Meet HIHI’s FemTech Innovation Call winners. Spotlighting OnaWave Medical with a product Endosolve set to be a gamechanger for the diagnosis and treatment of pelvic conditions

| Posted on: 29 January, 2024

Congratulations to OnaWave Medical on being one of the 11 winning companies emerging from HIHI’s first Femtech Innovation Call competition. A medtech company, it focusses on improving the diagnosis and treatment of pelvic conditions.

About the product – EndoSolve provides a digital biomarker-based risk-stratification platform with associated wearable solutions that can identify patients with pelvic conditions, such as endometriosis and subfertility, to support clinical decision-making and enhance the delivery of personalised care for the individual. The EndoSolve technology is patent pending. OnaWave Medical is developing this technology with support from the European Innovation Council.

OnaWave Medical