HIHI Spotlight on the Innovator Series – Think Biosolution

| Posted on: 1 November, 2021

This month we are showcasing the Think Bisolution case study in our HIHI spotlight on the Innovator series. HIHI facilitated a feasibility study and ran a focus group comprising of twenty healthcare professionals to inform product development.

Read more on this case study on our case studies page:

“Health Innovation Hub Ireland provided critical support in the early days of Think Biosolution.  The ability to do clinical validation of our platform and device enabled us to accelerate our development process.  Working with Health Innovation Hub Ireland not only helped us understand the challenges of deploying our solution in Europe, but helps us understand the key steps and timeline towards performing feasibility studies elsewhere in Europe and the USA.  Health Innovation Hub Ireland has an international team of experts who are super hands-on in helping digital companies in every step of the process.  It is a great opportunity for any innovative healthcare company in Ireland to validate their technology early on with real world clinical experts.” Shourjya Sanyal, CEO, Think Biosolution