HIHI COVID-19 Portal – submit your solutions now!

News | Posted on: 24 March, 2020

HIHI  working with EI to  support our healthcare system against COVID-19

HIHI COVID-19 Solutions Portal – submit your ready to implement solutions to our database and working with Enterprise Ireland, we’ll endeavour to make it available to those who need it.

We are in unprecedented times, the normal process and order that has informed our days up to now has completely changed.
At HIHI, our function is to connect innovative businesses with healthcare, providing them with access to our healthcare experts, end-users and sometimes patients to test and pilot their products. We always do this while considering the needs of the healthcare system. Now more than ever our healthcare system has NEEDS. Now more than ever we need to act fast to address those needs. Over the past few weeks we at HIHI have been overwhelmed with calls and emails from innovators, companies and experts offering their support.
Our HSE staff and wider healthcare teams are focussing on patients and public health and they don’t have the time to review every offer. To assist with this we are creating a resource for them and for other entities in Ireland in their fight against this pandemic. We are working with Enterprise Ireland to help our healthcare system meet the demands of the pandemic. We want to capture all your products, services and expertise in one location so that it can be reviewed by those who are looking for solutions, both urgent and longer term.

The HIHI COVID-19 Solutions Portal is live on our website, here we will capture all these solutions in one location and make it available to our government agencies.

What do you need to do?
If you have a solution, product or expertise that is directly related or may have an impact on COVID-19 abatement, please go to and follow the Covid-19 link. Simply complete the easy to fill form and submit it.

What will we do with this information?
HIHI working with Enterprise Ireland and partners will try to direct your information to wherever it is needed. We will make the information available to the relevant government entities. We may be back in touch with you for further information. We cannot guarantee that your information will match a need or be used, but this database will capture as many solutions as possible, some may be needed now, some at a later stage.

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