HIHI completes latest pilot study with Whyze Health. The company’s platform using real word evidence will aid in the delivery of more informed prostate cancer treatment for patients

| Posted on: 5 September, 2023

Health Innovation Hub Ireland have recently completed a pilot study with Whyze Health, a digital health start-up that pioneers a Real World Evidence platform. With a focus on personalised healthcare and research, the Whyze Health Platform ensures the “right” treatment reaches the “right” patient at the “right” time. Physicians and patients receive treatment and research recommendations through robust AI-driven data analysis.

Using patients’ health data and test results, the WHYZE Health Platform helps guides physicians on the treatment options that best meet their patients needs. The WHYZE Health Platform also tracks the patient’s progress and collects relevant Real World Evidence (RWE) health data throughout the entire cycle of the patient’s care, including follow-up. It aids the delivery of informed prostate cancer treatment plans for patients.

In Ireland, about 3,940 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer each year. Using patients’ health data, test results, and Patient Reported Outcomes (PROMs), the WHYZE Health Platform aids physicians in selecting the treatment options that best meet their patient’s needs, driving better health outcomes for patients.

Feedback from patients and healthcare professionals was crucial to demonstrate the value of the Whyze Health platform. HIHI facilitated the pilot study in the Blackrock Health Galway Clinic.

HIHI assisted with ethics submissions and the development of surveys and supporting
documents necessary for the Blackrock Health Galway Clinic pilot study. HIHI also provided project management expertise throughout the project and facilitated regular update meetings during the pilot to track progress and outcomes and address any issues or feedback. Upon completion of the pilot study, HIHI reviewed the study data and completed a final Project Report for use in further platform developments.

Feedback obtained from the participants throughout this study has highlighted that a platform such as the Whyze Health platform would allow patients to feel more informed and significantly less anxious about their long-term health outcomes if their doctor used the platform with them when choosing a suitable treatment, they would find it easier to evaluate their choices for successful treatment, and they would be willing to share their anonymised health data with other patients and the research community.

Participants also noted the importance of being able to provide feedback on how they are responding to their treatment and having access to their medical records to help them to make better health decisions. 9 out of every 10 participants noted they would recommend the Whyze Health platform to a friend or colleague. Allowing patients to be active in their own treatment and healthcare planning while gathering essential data to help future patients may help to deliver effective care, reduce diagnostic timelines and improve patient outcomes.

Dr Tanya Mulcahy, Director Health Innovation Hub Ireland welcomed the completion of the pilot “By giving patients more control over their care an streamlining treatment options for physicians the Whyze Health Platform has the potential to improve health outcomes and advance the transition to patient centred healthcare”

Whyze Health explained the benefits of working with HIHI.Whyze Health is enormously grateful to HIHI for their support in our first Case Study of our platform. Having a trusted research partner along with us was a great help in patient recruitment to our study and allowed our patients to feel part of something potentially important, not only to them but to other Irishmen suffering from prostate cancer. ‘Hats off’ to HIHI for their help here!”
(Professor Frank Sullivan CTO and co-Founder, Whyze Health; Medical Director Radiation
Oncology Blackrock Health, Galway Clinic).

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