Health Innovation Hub Ireland launches an Insurance Factsheet in association with O’Leary Insurances which will help SME’s to minimise risk and protect their businesses

News | Posted on: 30 May, 2023

Today, Health Innovation Hub Ireland launched a new Insurance Factsheet in association with O’Leary Insurances Ltd. Insurance is important for every company. This factsheet covers the types of insurance SME’s should consider in order to minimise risk. This factsheet will give companies an understanding of how they can utilise Insurance as a risk management tool to protect your business.

The following options are explored: Clinical trial insurance; Public and products liability insurance; Employers Liability; Property damage; Business interruption; Professional indemnity/ technology errors and omissions; Cyber Liability and Manager Liability insurance. Read the factsheet here.

This innovation tool factsheet has been launched as part of a HIHI resource, an on-line Knowledge Network to support Irish healthcare innovators. The HIHI Knowledge Network, provides a portfolio of HIHI developed material, digital programmes, resources, workshops and a formal education programme developed to support Irish healthcare innovators. It supports innovators by providing a tool-kit to assist them through the innovation pathway. HIHI Innovation Tools  assist SME’s on their journey taking an idea or innovation through to a product used in healthcare systems which is challenging, and many innovators need support. HIHI Innovation Tools provide all of this in one repository through easily understood, downloadable factsheets covering advice on areas such as regulations, IP, reimbursement, design standards, medical device classification, (IP), GDPR, research ethics and now the most recent innovation tool, Insurance.