Health Innovation Hub Ireland (HIHI) announces the launch of a pilot study in collaboration with Whyze Health Ltd at Blackrock Health Galway Clinic

News | Posted on: 20 February, 2023

Health Innovation Hub Ireland (HIHI) announces the launch of a pilot study in collaboration with Whyze Health Ltd at Blackrock Health Galway Clinic

A new platform aims to deliver more informed prostate cancer treatment plans

As part of Health Innovation Hub Ireland (HIHI) Pilot Call 2022, HIHI is delighted to collaborate with WHYZE Health Ltd. and Blackrock Health Galway Clinic in a pilot study of WHYZE Health’s platform.

What is the platform and what does it hope to achieve? Through the WHYZE Health Platform, patient-reported outcomes and health data can aid the delivery of informed prostate cancer treatment plans, providing physicians with the necessary information to select the best treatment options for their patients. By analyzing these data systematically and in real-time, the portal allows for real-world outcome feedback to be provided to patients and their care teams for the first time. This, in turn, streamlines the care provided by physicians, reduces diagnostic timelines, and improves patient outcomes. The study aims to demonstrate the real-world evidence (RWE) power of patient-reported outcomes to improve health outcomes and quality of care.

Dr Tanya Mulcahy, Director of Health Innovation Hub Ireland welcomed the launch of the pilot. “HIHI is thrilled to work with WHYZE Health and Blackrock Health Galway Clinic to showcase the efficacy and value of the WHYZE Health Platform in a live environment. By giving patients more control over their care and streamlining treatment options for physicians, the WHYZE Health Platform has the potential to improve health outcomes and advance the transition to patient-centred healthcare”.

The platform tracks the patient’s progress and collects relevant RWE throughout the entire health cycle of the patient’s treatment plan, including follow-ups. This easy-to-use tool empowers patients to take control of their care, considering individual risk factors and desired outcomes for each patient. The benefits are that providers can share healthcare data with patients and allow online scheduling of upcoming appointments. Additionally, the platform drives a patient-centred transition to healthcare by bringing health and research opportunities directly to healthcare providers and patients, advancing global awareness of clinical trials, and enabling better health outcomes. Integration of digital technologies into hospital services is key to the connection and communication with patients and will be the future of healthcare.

Dr Steven Griffin, Manager, Health Innovation Hub Ireland, University of Galway explained the value of HIHI pilots to the healthcare system and to patients in Ireland. “These pilots highlight the benefits of novel solutions to patients, healthcare staff, and the healthcare system. In turn, successful pilots demonstrating value should be must-haves for modern patient-centred healthcare systems.”


Photo caption – From left to right: Prof. Frank Sullivan, CMO WHYZE Health and Director Radiation Oncology, Prostate Cancer Institute (NUIG) Blackrock Health, Galway Clinic; Phil Blackwell, Chief Technology Officer, WHYZE Health; Dr. Tanya Mulcahy, Director, Health Innovation Hub Ireland; Frances Abeton CEO, WHYZE Health; Evelyn Smyth, Interim CEO, Galway Clinic; Abby Langtry, Chief Patient Officer, WHYZE Health; Alyson Banks, Patient Safety Executive, Galway Clinic (Photo: Business Wire)