Dave Shanahan, Chair of the HIHI National Oversight Group talks about the Challenges in Health Today.

| Posted on: 13 January, 2020

Where would you like to see the health service in 10 years’ time?

My checklist would be:

•Intolerance of mediocrity, partnering with patients, empowering clinical leadership

•Digitally enabled, committed to innovation.

•Enlightened procurement models supporting Irish jobs

•Healthcare metrics driving national health improvement

•Intensely collaborative, quality based, blind to silo’s or boundaries

•Rigorously implementing and scaling innovation everywhere in everything

•Prevention-biased, state, employer and insurer incentives for personal health management and improvement

•Independent governance, rooted in practicality, with lean, efficient and temporary bureaucracy

•Agile, fit for purpose, diverse workforce, flexible employment contracts

•Outward looking in perspective, enthusiastic in mission, driven towards continuous improvement

•Staff ratio’s prioritised to care, back-office/administration rationalised, high performance rewarded, recognised and celebrated.