Chief Scientific Adviser to the Government of Ireland delivers guest lecture, as new Postgraduate Diploma in Healthcare Innovation begins with Module 1 – Evolution and revolution in a changing healthcare landscape

News | Posted on: 30 September, 2019

The first students of HIHI and Trinity College Dublin’s new Postgraduate Diploma in Healthcare Innovation gathered on Friday and Saturday for delivery of Module 1 ‘Evolution and revolution in a changing healthcare landscape’.

Guest lectures were delivered by Conor Hanley, CEO Fire1 and Irish Medtech Association Chair and Professor Mark W.J. Ferguson, Director General, Science Foundation Ireland, and Chief Scientific Adviser to the Government of Ireland.

This first module encourages participants to delve directly into the complex and rapidly changing world of global healthcare. Shifting populations dynamics, rising chronic conditions, increasing patient expectations and the personalisation of medicine, are significant challenges when mapped against the ever-increasing cost of healthcare delivery. The module takes an informed view of the present status of healthcare and begins with exploring directional trends and future innovations.

Course Director and HIHI Principal Investigator Prof Seamas Donnelly welcomed the students:

“You will gain an in-depth knowledge of the dynamics of embedding an innovative health culture within your system. You will gain insights into global thinking on creative and practical implementation, of new ventures in healthcare.

“As places are mixed – both HSE and open – you will be part of a year-on-year growing cohort of connected and networked, innovation ambassadors in Irish health.”

Guest speaker HIHI National Director Colman Casey said:

“Healthcare is transforming more rapidly than ever before.  Innovation is changing how we live, work, learn, function and deliver healthcare. In this Postgraduate Diploma, we have a vision for how Ireland can harness innovation through individuals and trigger transformational change in Irish healthcare.”

In total, there are eight modules in the Postgraduate Diploma in Healthcare Innovation. Six taught foundation modules and two project modules, including methodology workshops and a practical field project. Fundamental grounding in key subjects:  Design thinking and embedding a culture of innovation; process innovation; lean thinking; social innovation and health economics; innovation and leadership. The practical project supports each student to identify and plan an innovative solution for your workplace. The result being the creation of Ambassadors who will lead development and improvements in Irish healthcare overall.

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