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Health Innovation Hub Ireland (HIHI) TCD, is seeking to appoint a manager for a specific purpose contract for maternity cover.

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Health Innovation Hub Ireland (HIHI) TCD, is seeking to appoint a manager for a specific purpose contract for maternity cover.

Operationally, Health Innovation Hub Ireland is run by a consortium of four academic institutions (Led by UCC with partners TCD, NUIG and MTU). Within TCD HIHI is part of the Department of Medicine, with Prof Seamas Donnelly as PI. Reporting to Prof Donnelly, this role manages and runs HIHI TCD, which is based in St James’s hospital. The role provides leadership in HIHI TCD through line management of both EI funded roles and HSE experts assigned to the HIH TCD staff team. The role contributes to the strategic direction of HIHI nationally through close working relationships built with the partner Hubs in the national network in Cork and Galway.

Informal enquiries: National Director Tanya Mulcahy –, HIHI TCD PI –

Job description: Mat leave cover HIHI TCD Manager JD

Apply: : . Competition type: ‘management & administration’

Enterprise Ireland Covid-19 Products Scheme now open – support for Irish based internationally focused companies

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Covid-19 Products Scheme

The COVID-19 outbreak has resulted in an urgent need across the EU and globally for medical and public health R&D, products and solutions. In response, The EU Temporary State Aid Framework has been amended to allow for, “the facilitation of research and development and expanded production into Coronavirus related products”.

The COVID-19 Products Scheme is composed of three measures, all of which aim to support Irish based internationally focused companies (SME and Large) to address:

  • Measure 1: COVID-19 relevant research and development (“R&D”) activities by companies coupled with the creation of useful IP.
  • Measure 2: The construction and upgrade of testing and upscaling infrastructures that are utilised to develop COVID-19 relevant products.
  • Measure 3: Increased production of products needed to respond to the COVID-19 outbreak. These outputs should be achieved as quickly as possible.

The scheme is time-limited and all funding must be approved by Enterprise Ireland no later than the 15th of December 2020. The scheme is now open for applications.

What are COVID-19 relevant products?

  • Relevant medicinal products (including vaccines) and treatments and their intermediates, active pharmaceutical ingredients and raw materials.
  • Medical devices and hospital and medical equipment, including PPE and necessary raw materials.
  • Disinfectants and their intermediary products and raw chemical materials necessary for their production.
  • Track and trace, temperature monitoring and relevant COVID-19 responsive services.
  • Process innovations targeting an efficient and streamlined production of the above.

Description of funding

This is a budget-limited scheme with the following features:

Measure 1

    • Max Grant Rate: up to 50% of qualifying costs
    • Max Grant: €650,000 per project

Measure 2 & 3

    • Max Grant Rate: up to 50% of qualifying costs
    • There is no upper limit to overall grant size (subject to budget)

Companies may make applications to all measures concurrently.

Key conditions of the scheme

  • General:
    • The scheme is open to COVID-19 relevant product activities only.
    • Retrospective costs (on or after the 1st February 2020): Where applicable, costs associated with activities of qualifying projects may be retrospectively funded. In these cases, the aid must assist projects which accelerate project implementation or extend project scope. The company must demonstrate to the satisfaction of Enterprise Ireland that costs were incurred on or after the 1st of February 2020.
    • Funding must be approved by Enterprise Ireland no later than the 15th of December 2020. The cut-off date for applications in line with the lifespan of the Scheme is the 30th November 2020.

• Measure 1:

    • Aid beneficiaries must commit to grant non-exclusive licences for any Intellectual Property (IP) generated by projects funded through the scheme under non-discriminatory market conditions to third parties in the European Economic Area (EEA).
  • Measure 2:
    • Resulting infrastructure cannot be predominately dedicated to one company; but instead consists of service providers that serve multiple users.
    • Project must be completed within 6 months of grant agreement being signed by the applicant. An investment project is considered completed when it is accepted by Enterprise Ireland as completed. Where the six-month deadline is not met, any payment under the grant agreement will be reduced by 25% of the amount of aid awarded per month of delay, unless the delay is due to factors outside the control of the aid beneficiary.
  • Measure 3:
    • Project must be completed within 6 months of grant agreement being signed by the applicant. An investment project is considered completed when it is accepted by Enterprise Ireland as completed. Where the six-month deadline is not met, any payment under the grant agreement will be reduced by 25% of the amount of aid awarded per month of delay, unless the delay is due to factors outside the control of the aid beneficiary.

Eligible companies

Key eligibility criteria are stated below. Further detailed information can be found in the Company Guidelines document for the scheme.

  • Employ 10 or more full-time employees*
  • Are operating in the manufacturing and internationally traded service sectors

Who cannot apply?

The scheme is not open to companies who:

  • Are active in the primary agricultural, fishery or aquaculture sectors.
  • Operate in the coal and steel sector.
  • Were covered by specific rules for Financial Services.

How to apply

Application forms are available from the Business Response Team within Enterprise Ireland, contact details for which are below:

• Email address:
• Telephone number:   +353 1 727 2088

All completed applications should be returned to the following inbox:

For further information

Enterprise Ireland has a comprehensive suite of supports available for companies at all stages of development, under Sustaining Enterprise Fund and Innovative Start-Up funding, as well as other funding offers.

If you have funding needs, please get in touch with your Development Adviser or our Covid 19 Business Response Unit at

Further detailed information on this scheme can be found in the Company Guidelines document.

Disruptive Technologies Innovation Fund Call 3 (2020) now open

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Enterprise Ireland will be hosting a DTIF Call 3 webinar on 22 October from 11am to 12 noon for those who are interested in learning more about the application process for DTIF Call 3.

The Disruptive Technologies Innovation Fund (DTIF) is a €500 million fund established under Project Ireland 2040 and is run by the Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation with administrative support from Enterprise Ireland.

Disruptive Technologies Innovation Fund Call 3 (2020)

The Tánaiste and Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment, Leo Varadkar TD, launched the third Call for applications to the Disruptive Technologies Innovation Fund (DTIF) on 24 September 2020.

The deadline for receipt of applications is 17 December 2020 (15.00 Irish Time).

DTIF Call 3 – Main Points

The Disruptive Technologies Innovation Fund (DTIF) Call 3 is about funding collaborations that demonstrate technology-based disruptive innovation, collaborations that can:

  • Alter markets;
  • Alter the way business operates;
  • Involve new products or the emergence of new business models.

Funding applications for Call 3 should be within the Research Priority Areas 2018-2023. We are particularly interested in projects of scale with a strong enterprise agenda to harness maximum medium-term economic impact for Ireland. Ideally, we are looking for enterprise-driven research and development challenges that can demonstrate commercial impacts within 3 to 7 years of project completion.

As with Call 2, each project must have a minimum of three partners: two of these must be enterprise partners, at least one of which must be an SME. Research organisations (including colleges) can be a partner but can receive no more than 50% of the grant funding per project. All projects should be seeking minimum funding of €1.5 million. Small companies (less than 50 employees) that are part of successful applications under the Fund may be eligible for pre-finance subject to meeting conditions as set out in the Guide for Applicants.

Key amendments from Call 2 are:

  1. Change to one of the Selection Criterion, now called ‘Economic Impact and Sustainability’, to incorporate the commitment in the Climate Action Plan (CAP) for all National Development Plan (NDP) funds to prioritise the selection of low-carbon investments. Applicants are asked to demonstrate, as much as possible, positive contributions to the low carbon / sustainability targets in Ireland’s Climate Action Plan. Proposals funded under the DTIF should neither hinder the achievement of Ireland’s climate objectives nor have other significant negative environmental impacts.
  2. Economic impact outputs should be demonstrable within a 3 to 7-year timeframe (as opposed to the previous 3-5 years).

Guide for Applicants

Please see the DTIF Call 3 Guide for Applicants to learn more about applying for the Fund.

Each project partner in a collaborative partnership will be required to complete the attached Consortium Agreement template. 


Applications can be submitted online via the Enterprise Ireland website from one month before the application deadline of 17 December 2020. In the meantime, applicants can use this indicative application form to help prepare their application.

COVID-19 and the Disruptive Technologies Innovation Fund

The Department and Enterprise Ireland are aware that the current situation regarding the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) may be having a significant impact on the research, development and innovation activities of companies and academic researchers.

We are working to understand the nature of any impacts on projects already funded through the Disruptive Technologies Innovation Fund (DTIF). We will try to facilitate any appropriate measures that may prove necessary, taking a flexible, constructive approach and we will consider any issues arising for projects on a case-by-case basis. Any queries should be directed to the DTIF team at Enterprise Ireland ( who will be happy to assist.

Please also consult the Department’s information on supports available for businesses impacted by COVID-19.

More here

We are hiring! HIHI Galway is looking for a lead to manage innovation from those within the healthcare community.

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Job Description:

Have you worked in Medtech? Do you have a passion for innovation and want to work to improve our healthcare system for patients and healthcare workers? Health Innovation Hub Ireland (HIHI) is a new initiative which seeks to foster innovation from within the Irish health service. It also provides the medtech industry with better access to the healthcare system to develop and test their technologies.

HIHI has recently opened an office in Galway and is seeking candidates to lead their ‘Innovation Out of Healthcare’ activities at a national level. They will work closely with healthcare professionals from across a diverse range of disciplines to review, mentor and progress new projects based on unmet clinical needs. They will be a strategic thinker, capable of influencing key stakeholders to develop and execute the ‘Innovation Out’ programme to meet targets and deliver impact. Previous experience of the healthcare/medtech startup sector will be advantageous along with a firm understanding of the technical, commercial and clinical factors that may impact on the commercialisation of new solutions.

This role offers an exciting opportunity for someone looking for a new challenge and to join a focused team working at the frontline of medtech innovation. HIHI is a highly collaborative environment with team-members based in Galway, Cork and Dublin who work closely with HSE hospital groups (including the Saolta University Healthcare Group in the West) and community care services. Our stakeholders include Enterprise Ireland, the HSE, partner academic institutions, Clinical Research Facilities (CRFs), hospital groups, patient groups and industry. Further detail at


  • Lead Health Innovation Hub Ireland “Innovation Out” healthcare projects to achieve goal of developing new technologies or process improvements based on problems identified from within the Irish Healthcare System.
  • Develop and roll-out an HIHI Innovation Out strategy at a national level.
  • Assist academic partners with conducting research projects within the School of Medicine.
  • Conduct thorough technical and commercial research to evaluate proposed solutions, identifying risks and path forward.
  • Develop and deliver an innovation training strategy and roadshows across hospital and primary care locations.
  • Work with clinicians and HSE staff to identify and investigate opportunities for innovation.
  • Design tools and methodologies that streamline the Innovation Out evaluation process.
  • Support HIHI clients to identify suitable funding sources for their projects.
  • Collaborate with CÚRAM, the SFI Centre for Medical Devices, the NUI Galway Translational Medical Device Lab, the Innovation Office (TTO) at NUI Galway, BioInnovate Ireland (national medtech innovation training), GMIT Innovation Hubs and Gmedtech.
  • Lead all reporting and management requirements related to the post.
  • Provide advice on data protection issues and uphold data protection best practice in all HIHI activities.
  • Provide input in the form of planning, de-risking, etc. for new HIHI projects.
  • Play a leading role on behalf of Health Innovation Hub Ireland in regional, national/international collaborative research projects and contribute to increasing the levels of funding within the School of Medicine.

    Qualifications/Skills required:

    Essential requirements:

  • Significant experience working in the medical device/healthcare area with experience of working with different clinical indications in a research, technical or commercial role.
  • PhD role or equivalent experience in medical device/healthcare area.
  • Previous experience working in a role to deliver impact / change based on strategic planning.
  • Experience in influencing stakeholders to drive policies and lead new initiatives.
  • Previous experience of working with innovative technologies (in a research, technical or commercial role) including knowledge of the product development and commercialisation process for new medtech technologies.
  • Project management experience including planning and resource management in new medtech focused projects.
  • A clear understanding of how to evaluate research projects in the healthcare area and new medtech opportunities.
  • Experienced in developing plans to de-risk and progress new medtech innovation projects.
  • Strong communication, interpersonal and presentation skills.

Desirable requirements:     

  • Previous experience of working with healthcare professionals/clinicians to identity unmet clinical needs and opportunities for new technology development.
  • Knowledge and experience of using structured methodologies to evaluate new medical device technologies to determine technical feasibility and commercial viability.
  • Worked on projects to develop new device from early concepts through to transfer to production and market release.
  • Detailed understanding of investor requirements for funding of med-tech start-ups, e.g. IP, market opportunity, etc.
  • Previous experience of leading early medical device technology projects forward to seed funding.
  • Previous experience of working (in a technical or commercial role) on product development projects with an understanding of associated processes required for medical device regulatory approval.
  • Previous experience of working across academic, clinical and industry sectors.
  • Knowledge of funding streams for innovation projects in research and/or industry.

Salary:  EUR €63,125 (public sector pay policy rules pertaining to new entrants will apply).  This is a full time position.

Start date: Position is available from 1st October 2018

For informal enquiries about this post, please contact Aisling Dolan (

Further information on research and working at NUI Galway is available on Research at NUI Galway.

For information on moving to Ireland please see

NB: Gárda vetting is a requirement for this post

To Apply:

Applications to include a covering letter, CV,and the contact details of three referees should be sent, via e-mail (in word or PDF only) to Aisling Dolan (

Please put reference number NUIG-158-18 in subject line of e-mail application.

Closing date for receipt of applications is 5.00 pm Monday 10th September 2018 

Interviews will take place week of 17th September 2018.

National University of Ireland, Galway is an equal opportunities employer.

All positions are recruited in line with Open, Transparent, Merit (OTM) and Competency based recruitment

Full detail here


Minister for Business, Enterprise and Innovation Heather Humphreys, TD: “we want to see proposals that involve collaboration between industry, research bodies and the public sector.”

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Calling all innovators in  AI, robotics, smart food production, and health and wellbeing – opportunity now open to compete for a share of a new €500m Disruptive Technologies Innovation Fund (DTIF).

The Department presented an overview of the Disruptive Technologies Innovation Fund (DTIF) including eligibility criteria, application process and key considerations for applicants at the DTIF information event in Enterprise Ireland on 27 July 2018.

Type of Projects Eligible for Funding

€500 million is available for co-funded projects involving enterprises and research partners over the period to 2027. The first Call relates to projects that will be funded from 2019. Projects can be funded for up to 3 years. It is envisaged that the first tranche of successful projects will be confirmed by November 2018.

The type of projects that will receive funding will be:

  • Collaborative enterprise-driven partnerships that will develop, deploy and commercialise disruptive technologies to transform business
  • Impactful projects seeking at least €1 million in funding over 3 years and involving enterprises and research partners
  • SME participation is an essential requirement in every consortium
  • Focussed on “industrial research”.

The National Development Plan (NDP) under Project Ireland 2040 confirms the establishment of a €500 million Disruptive Technologies Innovation Fund (DTIF) that will:

  • Be implemented through the Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation (DBEI) and its agencies, working with other Government Departments and agencies;
  • Have a resource allocation of €0.5bn over the period 2018-2027 consisting of an initial Exchequer allocation of €180 million to 2022;
  • Be competitive and see investment in the research, development and deployment of disruptive technologies and applications on a commercial basis;Drive collaboration between Ireland’s world-class research base and industry as well as facilitating enterprises to compete directly for funding in support of the development and adoption of these technologies.

How to Apply

Potential applicants should read the Reference Document for Applicants carefully to ascertain whether or not they are eligible to apply and whether or not their proposed projects fit the criteria set out.

All applicants must complete and submit the Expression of Interest Form by email only to by 15.00 on 17 August 2018.

Failure to submit an expression of interest on the DTIF EOI Template, will render that EOI ineligible.


EIT Health opportunity | Train the trainer: emerging competencies for senior healthcare managers

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The “Train the Healthcare Manager Trainer” is a three-day programme for developing teacher capabilities on emerging competencies for senior healthcare managers from Karolinska Institute, IESE Business School, University of Grenoble-Alpes, University of Gent and Medical University of Lodz.

Target participants: This programme is addressed to programme directors and trainers of healthcare senior managers, and executives. Trainers may be professors, educators, lecturers, or even healthcare professionals and managers that teach in management, innovation, leadership, entrepreneurship to healthcare managers and executives (maybe as a part-time / secondary activity).

The programme will be divided into two editions, each of which will include:

  • Presentations and debates on the healthcare management scenario in Europe (new leadership, dealing with complexity, the role of the manager)
  • Presentations and debates on case methods and innovative learning methods for healthcare executives.
  • Presenting and teaching new free materials for teaching emerging competencies to healthcare senior managers and executives in Europe.

Edition 1 –  24-26 October 2018, in Stockholm, Sweden. (register by 31 July)

Edition 2 – 28-30 November 2018, in Barcelona, Spain.

Attendance is free, though travel will be at the participants’ expense. More details here