BioInnovate Ireland 2016 Fellowship Now Recruiting

News | Posted on: 25 February, 2016

To give you a brief understanding of the programme – BioInnovate Ireland was developed by NUI Galway to focus on enabling innovators and innovation specifically for the medical technology sector.


The BioInnovate activity centres around experienced engineers, clinicians, business and other professionals working together to identify clinical needs through immersing themselves in a clinical environment, inventing solutions to meet those needs and implementing a strategy to commercialise the technology.

This is achieved through a number of activities that provide a continuum from training (to enable the next generation of leaders in medtech innovation) to an incubation environment, which enables medical technologies to be developed and prove concept before commercialisation. These activities are structured around the following programmes:


  • BioInnovate Fellowship Programme.
  • BioInnovate Industry Training Workshops
  • NUI Galway Medical Device Incubation


BioInnovate is a unique style of programme that has broken down barriers, combining multiple disciplines (Engineering, Business and Medicine) and institutions (NUIG, UL, UCC). It has facilitated enhanced interactions between academics, clinicians and industry, to foster an environment of innovation and creativity in order to strengthen the medtech sector in Ireland.


Currently we are recruiting for our full-time Fellowship programme. This is a stipend supported programme, and we are trying to attract doctors that may be interested in taking a year of research (Fellowship award includes a research masters), and might have an interest in innovation. I have attached a flier with recruitment details to this email.  We are recruiting for teams with both a medtech and ICT focus on the solutions they develop.

If you are interested please register your interest at or contact Dr Paul Anglim (

We are trying to circulate the recruitment information and programme information to doctors nationally if possible. If you might have any advice on how to do so, it would be greatly appreciated.


BioInnovate is now recruiting for the 2016/017 Fellowship – visit for further details.