HIHI Mentor Panel

Rhona Hunt

Rhona Hunt is a Medical Device Design Engineer. She is passionate about developing products that satisfies an unmet clinical need, improves quality of life for patients and satisfies commercial feasibility.

Rhona is a co-founder of Ostoform. At Ostoform, Rhona embraced the role of Chief Technical Officer and Chief Clinical Officer. During the Enterprise Ireland Commercialisation Fund period, Rhona led the Technical Development and Clinical Research of Ostoform and managed clinical trials that proved “FLOWASSIST™” (an ostomy accessory for the prevention and reduction of peristomal skin complications for people with ileostomies) to be clinically efficacious and safe to use. Rhona has clinical publications and patents to add to her list of accolades. 

Rhona now works in the medical device industry while Ostoform runs under first round investment funding with product for sale on the market. Ostoform have been awarded Enterprise Ireland Commercialisation Fund and Competitive Start Fund and in in 2018 a first round investment and subsequent Horizon 2020 Fund.