HIHI Mentor Panel

Dr Amy Cole

Amy is a Solution Director in the Artificial Intelligence Innovation Center in Novartis. She is particularly interested in precision medicine and how AI can be used to better predict, prevent, manage and treat diseases. She has experience working with multiple types of data including omics and real world evidence data to provide insights into health and disease.

Amy completed her PhD in Population Genetics in RCSI, and subsequently worked in an incubated Insurtech start-up, which focused on developing solutions for precision medicine reimbursement. Following this she took up a position as a postdoctoral research fellow with the Psychiatric Genetics Consortium focused on identify causative genetic variants in large families of psychiatric illnesses. Amy then joined Novartis in 2018 as a real world evidence research analyst, before moving to the Data Science & Artificial Intelligence team, to work as a data scientist and now a solution director.