HIHI Innovation Champions

Meet the HIHI Healthcare Innovation Champions, high potential change makers in Irish health. Our innovation champions are graduates of the unique Level 9 NFQ HIHI/TCD Postgraduate Diploma Healthcare Innovation, qualified to lead and shape the direction of Irish healthcare innovation.
Gerada Warnes

Strategic implementation plan for the introduction of a Physician Associate Role in a private hospital.

Tomas Stack

To develop and promote a healthcare innovation ecosystem in the Kerry region creating a centre of gravity to attract new and consolidate present diverse stakeholders.

Kannan Natchimuthu

Proposal of an experimental device for screening of Parkinson’s disease, focused on screening for motor symptoms – handgrip strength, tremor, coordination & handwriting.

Fiona Mulvey

To develop a Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy (VRET) programme for teenagers experiencing social anxiety, a programme non-therapist lead to allow greater usage and reach.

Michelle Mahon

Implementation plan to make Radiation Oncology Outpatient services more accessible through virtual clinics enabled by remote access for virtual in-person communications.

Maeve Magner

Implementation plan for a proof-of-concept Diagnostics Access platform to support improving clinical care and disease surveillance in low-to-middle income countries.

Keith Lyne

Developing intelligent virtual assistants and smart automation services to the GP healthcare market in Ireland and internationally, reducing administrative workload for practices.

Ciaran Judge

Focus on overcoming bottlenecks, increasing awareness and improving the delivery of care in the provision of care for functional gastrointestinal disorders in Ireland.

Katia Castrillo Iglesias

Providing an online self-service tool to support healthcare professionals in understanding impact of temperature excursions during storage of specific drugs.

Caitriona Heffernan

A tele-health enabled remote access clinic for the assessment and treatment of children with disorders of eating, drinking and swallowing (CUH & region).

Christopher Fenelon

Exploring the use of low-cost 3D printing of Orthopaedic Trauma surgery.

Jane Deasy

Aims for all members of our community to live as independently and autonomously as possible through use of a tailor made empowerment model.

Laura Campbell

Restructuring antenatal education to improve birth outcomes amongst first time mothers. Using social media platforms to disseminate healthcare promotion to the non-engaged.

Anne Bursnell

Focus on implementing a speech-to-text for use on patient electronic healthcare records by nursing and midwifery staff using a portable device – an encrypted mobile phone.

Dermot Burke

Bringing a tele-health solution to the outpatient musculoskeletal physiotherapy department within the Irish public health system.