Dr. Diana Hogan Murphy

HIHI Clinical Liaison and HSE Senior Antimicrobial Pharmacist, University Hospital Galway |

Diana joined Health Innovation Hub Ireland in May 2018 with a focus on: facilitating and co-ordinating projects supported through Health Innovation Hub Ireland within the Saolta University Healthcare Group and National University of Ireland Galway; working with other Health Innovation Hub Ireland consortium members to build on suitable projects; and assisting in project management to ensure successful completion.

Diana has been a senior antimicrobial pharmacist with the Health Service Executive (HSE) since 2008, currently based in University Hospital Galway. Prior to HSE, Diana worked in industry in the area of pharmacovigalence and has experience working in community pharmacies. She is currently Acting Chair of the Irish Antimicrobial Pharmacists Group and National Project Lead for the Annual Antimicrobial Point Prevalence Survey in which approximately 40 hospitals participate.

After qualifying with a Degree in Pharmacy from Trinity College Dublin, Diana completed a Masters in Clinical Pharmacy and a PhD specific to implementation of electronic systems for medicines management in hospitals in Ireland. She also has a Masters in Information Technology, a Higher Diploma in Computer Science, and a Bachelors Degree in Psychology.


Team Members

Mr Dave Shanahan
Chair of the National Oversight Group of Health Innovation Hub Ireland
Professor John R. Higgins
HIHI Lead PI, University College Cork and Cork University Maternity Hospital
Professor Seamas Donnelly
HIHI PI, Trinity College Dublin
Dr. Martin O’Halloran
Dr. Tanya Mulcahy
HIHI Interim Director, University College Cork
Gillian Dwyer O’Mahony
HIHI Research Support Officer, University College Cork
Dr. Steven Griffin
Innovation from Healthcare Lead, NUI Galway
Eimear Galvin
HIHI Manager, Trinity College Dublin (currently on mat leave)
Jane O’Flynn
HIHI Manager, Munster Technological University
Dr. Jenny Gannon
HSE Clinical Iiasion
Dr. Nina Holmes
HIHI Executive Officer, Trinity College Dublin
Noel Murphy
HIHI Clinical Liaison and HSE Biomedical Engineer, Cork University Hospital
Dr. Diana Hogan Murphy
HIHI Clinical Liaison and HSE Senior Antimicrobial Pharmacist, University Hospital Galway
Noreen Lynch
HIHI Clinical Liaison and HSE Clinical Nurse Manager, Bantry University Hospital
Niamh Allen
HIHI Clinical Liaison and Clinical Nurse Manager, South Infirmary Victoria University Hospital
Dr. Michael Twomey
HIHI Innovation Specialist, University College Cork
Professor Martin O’Donnell
HIHI Academic Advisor, HIHI PI, CRF-Galway and NUI Galway
Caroline McGarry
Communications and PR Lead
Adjunct Associate Prof. Dan Maher
Course Tutor HIHI/TCD Postgraduate Diploma in Healthcare Innovation
Professor Joe Eustace
HIHI Academic Advisor, CRF-Cork and University College Cork
Eimer O’Connell
Research Associate, Health Innovation Hub Ireland
Prof. Timothy O’Brien
HIHI Academic Advisor, NUI Galway