Full Health

Full Health is a Software as a Service (SaaS) technology which revolutionises the health screening experience and produces detailed patient friendly health reports at scale. The system has been developed over a four-year period by medical consultants and a technical team led by Co-Founder, Dr. Ann Shortt. She works as an Accident and Emergency Consultant and is also a qualified GP.

Patients are regularly informed about their test results but are not always educated in relation to their health. This distinction is important.  Full Health’s core ethos is that clear and concise communication of a person’s test results (and what it means to them specifically) is an essential component to improving overall health and well-being. A core feature of the product, is to instantly convert medical test results into easy-to-understand personal reports and population group reports, which are accessible on any device connected to the Internet. It streamlines the health screening process thereby substantially decreasing provider costs while also improving the patient experience. Customers include Multinationals, Health Insurers, Screening Specialists, Private Clinics, Occupational Health Providers and Medical Practices.