Critical Healthcare

Critical Healthcare Limited is an Irish company, which strives to be the first choice for Emergency Medical Professionals, offering a range of medical products and services to the pre-hospital and ambulance providers in Ireland, the UK, and Europe.

In today’s healthcare environment the need to deliver effective and cost-efficient patient care is vital. Critical Healthcare is working with healthcare professionals in producing new products and services to ensure a risk-free, safer environment for both the patients and service providers. Infection control policies are now dictating that there should be a complete change of linen for every patient transfer. Critical Healthcare has developed a product, MediQuilt™, the first-ever re-usable trolley Quilt and disposable Cover which ensures that the quilt stays with the vehicle upon patient transfer whilst the disposable cover can be left with the patient as a privacy sheet until such time as it is disposed. The quilt is then recovered for use with another MediQuilt cover, which reduces high laundry costs.