Spark IGNITE 2018

An Innovation competition with a difference, designed for the healthcare community. Expert mentors, Mini incubator & Funding for your idea. Find out more at our Information Session on 27th September.

Spark IGNITE 2018 (now closed) a mini-incubator open to healthcare staff in primary/community care and Saolta.
Unique access to expert mentoring, networking and funding for your ideas.

Individual Winner

Liam Connolly – Medical Student, Galway University Hospital

IDEA: My idea is to use a specific belt and monitor that would instruct and guide GERD suffers on how to perform diaphragmatic breathing at home. This would replace the need for patients to be instructed by a language therapist. The belt will lightly constrict and retract in time with the specific diaphragmatic breathing method. It will also have an audio box to instruct and guide users on the timing for inhalation.

Group Winner

Prof Derek O’Keefe, Consultant Physician, University Hospital Galway.

Team members: Brendan Tuohy, Clinical Engineer UHG, Frank Kirrane, Clinical Engineer UHG, Michael Kerin Consultant Surgeon, UHG, Peter McCarthy Consultant Radiologist, UHG.

IDEA: Our novel idea is to develop an inexpensive handheld medical electronic device that will accurately tell if a Naso-Gastric (NG) tube has been placed correctly in the stomach before NG feeding commences.

Judges Prize: High  Potential (Fastest to Market)

Bronwyn Reid-McDermott | Simulation Technician, ICAPSS

Team Members: Ethel Ryan Consultant Paediatrician, Lisa Dann Paediatric SpR,

IDEA: “BETTY-BEAR” is a teddy-bear backpack for children with type 1 diabetes. The bear is designed with an injectable simulated skin pad on his stomach for practice of administration of subcutaneous insulin injections.

Judges Prize: One To Watch (Future)

Frank Kirrane | Head of Clinical Engineering, at the Department of Medical Physics and Clinical

Team member: Aine Binchy ANP Neonatal ICU.

IDEA: This project idea propose the design, build and testing of a new device; comprising a microphone, that is synchronized with an infant limb movement sensor (hacked activity tracker sensor), and associated analysis hardware/software, that is placed inside an neonatal incubator, to provide the (currently not available) tangible link between the noise levels experienced by the infant, and the associated infant startle in response to the auditory stimulus.

Judges Prize: Novelty (Risk)

Clare Kinahan | Senior Pharmacist Portiuncula University Hospital Ballinasloe.

IDEA: The development and delivery of a pharmacist led Holistic Medication Review service to elderly, frail, multimorbid patients in line with the process outlined in the SIGN polypharmacy guidance 2018.  The service could be delivered in the outpatient setting in secondary care or in GP practices.