Open Door

HIHI operates an open door policy for industry and those working in healthcare for any products with the potential to significantly impact healthcare.

HIHI is dedicated to harnessing innovation, through development of new healthcare technologies, products, and services, for the benefit of industry and our healthcare system. We operate a year round open door policy. This means we are happy to discuss your project or concept at any time. Please contact us to arrange a meeting. As a guide please review the assessment criteria outlined below.

Assessment Criteria:

As a guideline, all projects will be assessed against a number of criteria including:

  • Potential impact of the proposed innovation on the healthcare system
  • Potential relevance/impact of the proposed project on company growth in Ireland.
  • Commercialisation readiness
  • Market potential
  • Export potential of the proposed innovation

What the Hub can offer:

  • Facilitated access to the health system for execution of the pilot project.
  • Access, within data protection guidelines etc., to all (Health Innovation Hub Ireland) approved outputs/data for sales/marketing purposes.
  • Companies may use the HIHI project as a “reference site”.
  • Support of HIHI project management team to manage the execution of the project.
  • Access to research expertise from all partner institutions.
  • Advice on the availability of various funding streams.