National Call – Class Of 2019

The 2018 call was aimed at companies, start-ups, SMEs, who have innovative products or services that are at pre-commercial, demonstration or late development phase and have the potential to significantly impact healthcare. HIHI offers a unique tailor made pathway for start-ups seeking pilot or validation studies for commercialisation.

Acting as a broker, HIHI will now match companies with relevant clinical teams, oversee a study of each product in an Irish clinical setting, concluding with an independent clinically validated report. This offers leverage for products in international markets, enhances distribution opportunities and informs further development.

Winners of the HIHI 2018 double national call

ILI – Independent Living Ireland Limited
IT/E-health-system management

Digital re-enablement pilot programme which allows older people to return home sooner from hospital with the support of a multidisciplinary team of stakeholders i.e. friendly call services, volunteers and primary care teams. Volunteers on the project will be rewarded credits for their time which they can later redeem for support services they require.

Medical Device

An adjustable, ‘smart’ compression device for venous leg ulcers (VLUs)

IT/E-health-system management

Jinga Patient and Doctors Applications (Jinga Snap); A secure, mobile image platform, enabling the safe sharing and transfer of imaging between a Radiology department and its patients, referring clinicians and other Jinga sites.

Zendra Health
App/IT/E-health- system management

Zendra Health have lowered the barrier to Digital Health by developing a solution that allows healthcare professionals build digital care pathways and collect health data quickly, easily and cost-effectively.

Think Biosolution
Medical Device

Think Biosolution’s QuasaR Continuous Monitoring Platform periodically tracks patient’s vitals and motion, and the dashboard automatically tags and summaries clinically important events.

3fivetwo Healthcare
IT/E-health-system management

Patient Engagement Platform. Platform to facilitate, simplify and streamline waiting list management and validation whilst also incorporating an appointment booking module to aid in maximising clinic utilisation and increase patient access through online booking.

SymPhysis Medical
Medical Device

Developing a new medical device for treating recurrent pleural effusions in late-stage cancer patients.

Home Care Direct
IT/E-health-system management

Meeting the ever increasing demand for Home Care. Online platform, which gives greater choice to carers. Enables families to directly select carers and also allows carers flexibility in working. Reduces costs of carers.

Cliffrun Media Ltd
Care in the community

Solutions company based in Dundalk focussed on supporting independent living at home and within the community. Products encourage better care of patients in the community, social inclusion for seniors and those at risk of social isolation and loneliness.

One Clinic
IT/E-health-system management

Prototype practice management system for Allied Health Professionals. The activity captured would include patient records, referrals between services, accommodation usage, scheduling, and valid practitioner activity statistics.

IT/E-health-system management

ePX/print stickers for drug Kardex, eliminates illegible prescribing.

FastForm Research Ltd
Medical Device

Orthotic device for tx of Diabetic foot ulcers.

Diagnostic Device

Determination of bacterial and infection contamination in any environment. Using a tiered technology approach including DNA Next Generation Sequencing techniques, can isolate, quantify and report any bacterial or infectious contamination to customers in a bespoke, weekly or monthly overview.

Telecam Ltd.
Diagnostic Device

AI diabetic retinopathy screening tool

Viroprotect Ltd.
Infection control

Specifically established for the purpose of marketing and distributing the EM360™ Electrostatic Application System in Ireland.

Innerstrength Ltd.
Patient Education

Mobile educational app for CF patients/carers

IT/E-health-system management

B2B comms consultation and secure messaging product aimed at psychiatrists, psychologists, counsellors and psychotherapists who would like to offer their clients the option of blending face-to-face and online therapy.

Resonance Medical
IT/E-health-system management

Resonance is a software application which will schedule and managing all requests for CT scans from ED to ward.

myPatientSpace Limited
IT/E-health-system management

Patient engagement platform. Evidence based personalised self management package initially targeting the treatment of knee patients from early stage self-managed OA conservative plans to TKR

Medxnote Limited
IT/E-health-system management

In-app ‘Virtual Assistant’ or ‘Chatbot’ that can communicate with a hospital’s EMR using the latest HL7 FHIR protocol. Doctors and nurses can store clinical images and data from their smartphone direct to the EMR and intelligently receive patient data and alerts from hospital systems at the point of care.

Assist Garments Ltd.
Medical Device

Gripwear garment to enhance mobility of patients.

Dental Tech Group
IT/E-health-system management

Denture Cleaning, Labelling and Denture Bank services

Diva Technologies
IT/E-health-system management

Solution to improve medical reconciliation (medrec) using an App that interfaces with the electronic health record.

Hytech Ireland

Works with the Health sector to bring decontamination technology under one point of contact. Surfacide provides an evidence-based, automated UV-C MULTI hard surface disinfection system that data indicates eradicates multi-drug resistant organisms including C. diff, MRSA, VRE, CRE and Acinetobacte

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