Education Workshops

HIHI is teaching a new way of thinking to find creative solutions to health challenges. Delivering a series of five HIHI workshops we want to develop leaders in innovation thinking and creative execution that will ultimately benefit Irish healthcare delivery and patient care.

Health Innovation Hub Ireland is running a connected series of Innovation Workshops designed specifically for today’s healthcare professional who wants to make a measurable difference in how healthcare will be delivered into the future. These one-day workshops have been designed specifically to build participants insights into the latest thinking on practical implementation of new processes ideas, new product ideas, and creative approaches to re-thinking healthcare from within.

The five core workshops as a continuum will guide and encourage participants to explore the potential for innovative approaches within their own healthcare environment. While Workshops 1 – 4 set the overall context for innovation and deliver hands-on and concrete learning, those participants who subsequently, or in parallel, take action to explore one or more specific opportunities for innovation within healthcare of interest to them will be eligible for Workshop 5.

In Workshop 5, participants will be coached and mentored to convert their researched ideas to a coherent presentation, which at the end of this workshop will be delivered to an invited panel of healthcare leaders and experts for constructive and positive discussion.

Workshop 3
Thanks to all who attended Workshop 2. We will be in touch directly with details for Workshop 3 ‘Product Innovation in Healthcare’.
For information on the above and upcoming opportunities in 2019, please contact:
Eimear Galvin, Manager HIHI, Dublin –