Annual Call 2019

The 2019 call is aimed at companies, start-ups, SMEs, who have innovative products or services that are at pre-commercial, demonstration or late development phase and have the potential to significantly impact healthcare.

HIHI Healthcare Innovation Call 2019

Health Innovation Hub Ireland is seeking project proposals from companies or entities whose innovative products or services are, at a minimum, at pre-commercial, demonstration or late development phase and have the potential to significantly impact healthcare in Ireland and internationally.

Applications may be submitted for innovations that address

ANY healthcare need in the HIHI 2019 Open Call.


Supporting the Self-Management of Chronic Disease in the HIHI 2019 Focussed Call

Through our Focussed Call – Supporting the Self-Management of Chronic Disease, HIHI is seeking innovations to support the self-management of one or more of the following chronic illnesses: cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease and diabetes.

Closing date is 5pm on Friday 31st January 2020

You can find the Call Briefing Document on this link HIHI-Call-2019-Briefing-Document.pdf

You can find the Application Form on this link HIHI-Innovation-IN-Application-Form-2019.docx

All Applications are to be submitted by completing the above Application Form and submitting it on this link.

Assessment Criteria:

As a guideline, all projects will be assessed against a number of criteria including:

  • Potential impact of the proposed innovation in addressing a validated healthcare need
  • How the innovation supports current healthcare programmes or systems in Ireland and the plan for integration of the innovation into those systems
  • Potential impact of the proposed innovation on the healthcare system
  • Potential relevance/impact of the proposed project on company growth in Ireland
  • Commercialisation readiness
  • Market potential
  • Competition
  • Export potential of the proposed innovation
  • Feasibility of delivering the proposed project in an Irish healthcare context.

What the Hub will offer to participating companies:

  • Facilitated access to the health system for execution of the pilot project
  • A final independent HIHI Project Report
  • Companies may use the HIHI project as a “reference site”
  • Support of HIHI project management team to manage the execution of the project
  • Access to research expertise from partner institutions
  • Advice on the availability of various funding streams
  • Linking entrepreneurs (when appropriate), to other relevant supports within the Irish Healthcare innovation ecosystem.

What companies MUST provide to support the projects:

  • Dedicated contact personnel and when relevant, the availability of personnel at the project pilot site
  • Dedicated resources to deliver project objectives – equipment, hardware, software, etc.
  • Company personnel and resources must be provided at no cost to the healthcare system for project duration,
  • Proactive engagement with Health Innovation Hub Ireland and healthcare personnel to deliver the project objectives
  • Acknowledgement of HIHI support in public presentations, publications and social media presentations.

Notes for applicants:

  • HIHI does not have a procurement role. As such, regardless of the outcome of HIHI projects, the HSE is under no obligation to purchase the product/service
  • HIHI does not provide financial support for projects
  • HIHI does not conduct clinical trials – these are referred to our associated Clinical Research Facilities, or other members of the HRB CRCI network, where appropriate
  • Projects must be implemented and run at no cost to the Healthcare location
  • If a project is accepted by HIHI, a Project Approval Document containing HIHI terms and conditions must be completed before the start of the project
  • A Final Project Report will be available to applicants on completion of the project,