Fastform Research Ltd

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FastForm is an innovative and dynamic life science company, focusing on the development and commercialization of superior medical products for the healthcare industry. The Company designs, develops and manufactures advanced orthopaedic orthosis that combine highly conformable PolyTrexX™ polymers and breathable DermaWick™ liners to deliver superior comfort and enhanced quality of life for patients from injury right through to recovery. FastForm is headquartered in Killowen, County Waterford, Ireland. Visit

FastForm’s technology is based on a highly conformable and biodegradable polymer (PolyTrexX™) combined with an effective wicking and fast-dry liner (DermaWick™). When properly heated, PolyTrexX converts from a rigid state to a very pliable and conformable material (plaster–like). After sculpting to a desired position and shape, PolytrexX rapidly reverts to a high strength, ventilated immobilizer that’s radiolucent. Clinically, a precise customized fit is easily and quickly achieved in length and circumference, while securing anatomical conformity for repair preservation.


Fastform, under the auspices of the Health Innovation Hub and Mr Paul McKenna, are conducting a study in University Hospital Waterford to assess their Thumb Spica Multifunctional Orthosis (TSMO) in comparison to synthetic fibreglass in treating scaphoid fracture in terms of patient satisfaction and clinical outcome. Furthermore the study aims to quantify the difference in the treatment pathway for the Fastform device verses the current standard of care in terms of removals and reapplications. From this a basis for an economic benefit that can be expected from the introduction of the Fastform device will be developed.

The study has ceased recruitment and the data is currently being analysed.